Plant-based alternatives continue to have a strong presence on grocery lists these days. There are various kinds of plant-based alternative products in the market today, and there are those that are still under new product development, which includes the delicious marshmallows and its various food application forms like cookies with marshmallow fillings, chocolate filled marshmallows, and hot chocolate drink with marshmallows, to name a few. Vegan marshmallows are made of some form of sugar plus a gelling agent like carrageenan that is derived from seaweed.

In marshmallows, the hydrocolloid responsible for the chewy, bouncy texture we know and love is gelatin. It is made of collagen, which is the structural protein derived from animal skin, connective tissue, and bones. However, there are other hydrocolloids alternative to gelatin which is derived from plant. Perfect example is pectin and carrageenan, or combinations of both that can replicate the elastic texture and intense flavor release that gelatin provides.

Here are some of the features of our Rico Carrageenan functional blends in Vegan Marshmallow application:

  1. Facilitates gelling properties
  2. Non-animal (vegetal gum)
  3. Replaces high calorie sugar
  4. Heat stable up to 250° Celsius
  5. Provides excellent texture and chewability

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