When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our country, many of the businesses and industries closed their operation due to the detrimental effects of the lockdown. However, only essential businesses continue to operate to supply the basic needs of the people. One of which is the food ingredients industry. There is no single strategy that is effective in controlling the spread of the virus and no single entity responsible to keep everyone safe. Getting through the COVID-19 pandemic requires continual collaboration between the company, the staff, and the frontliners. Everybody has a role to play in W Hydrocolloids. Hear some of the stories of our food frontliners who continues to provide essential ingredients needed for the production essential food supply.

“It’s a struggle being part of essential workers, I’m afraid at first but in the long run I feel thankful that in my own little ways I can help our community to continuously cater to their needs especially in our industry which is food ingredient solutions.

It’s awe-inspiring teamwork for the management and its employees to continuously operate amidst the pandemic. A lot of sacrifices, safety measures will be given and executed this time. I’m really grateful that the management still find ways to continuously stand strong and work hand in hand with its employees to strive through the crisis.”

– Katherene Tubilan, Microbiologist at Cebu Carrageenan Corporation (Mandaue Plant)


“I’ve been working with W Hydrocolloids for 25 years managing our Water Treatment Plant. Ever since the community lockdown started, we had a hard time travelling to our work because there’s no available public transportation and I’m 12 KMs away from our facility. It is a big help for us employees that our company was able to provide bicycle loans so we can still continue with our operations and provide essential food ingredients to our clients. I would like to extend my biggest gratitude to the whole WHI management for ensuring the well-being and safety of their employees!”

– Ernesto Vargas, WTP Operator at WHI Carmona Plant


“For me, I am very glad that I am part of food frontliners. I am happy that I contribute to our community by providing ingredients for the production of essential food supply and at the same time provide for my family. The fear in this time of pandemic is inevitable, but every time I think about my role in the company, I also think of how I am helping the community. I am very thankful to the company despite of the new normal because we are still operating and we still have our jobs. I am also grateful because they are always looking after the health and safety of their employees.”

– Adonis Atup, Blending Crew at Marine Resources Development Corp.


“Carmona Plant is my 2nd home for the past 23 years. At the height of Cavite lockdown, being a mother figure in the plant, it is my motherly instinct that moves to secure my children. We, Plant Management Team, has to take immediate actions by providing temporary shelter, food, and clothing to employees who stayed in our staff houses to sustain our operations. We took care of their health and safety needs. 

Daily struggle, stress, and risk is tiring given the limited headcount during the quarantine period. This pandemic brought the team into stronger and greater ties wherein we do not work for our department’s interest but for the better interest of everyone. Making sure we have continuous operations in order for us to provide essential food ingredients to our clients.

We have a supportive management looking into our needs. Providing us the food, personal protective equipment (PPE), vitamin C supplements, and extending help to our family through distribution of bags of rice. With teamwork and communication, we can overcome this pandemic!”

– Leslie Gamay, Admin/Operations Manager at Carmona Plant


“Being part of the food frontliners is a privilege and a blessing. While most people were affected and lost their jobs, we at CCC Carmen are still working normally. We were able to continuously provide essential goods for the people and at the same time provide for our families.

CCC Carmen as a team is very much grateful for the company. When most of the people are worried about what to feed their families, we are very blessed that work for us is normal and that we were able to continuously provide for our families. We had fears in going out of our homes, but we were assured of the companies measure to protect us employees. The company implemented and provided us thermal scanners, alcohols, foot/tire baths, body sprays and a daily dose of Vitamin C supplements. We were also proud of CCC’s contribution to the local government as we were recognized by them.”

– Cebu Carrageenan Corporation (Carmen Plant)