With what is happening in the world today because of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes are happening in ways how people live. Even the way many people eat and what they eat will change in 2021.

First trend that we see is the renewed focus on origin. Consumers are putting control on everything they eat like eating healthier food and turning to more organic choices. Restrictions on travel have given us a new appreciation for buying local and supporting local producers and farmers as well as trying our hand at growing herbs and vegetables at home.

Secondly is the need for comfort and returning to time-tested food favorites. They now prefer home-cooked meal shared with the family, and take time to cook carefully selected food as their way of feeling better about themselves for mental and physical health. Another trend is the need for practicality or the art of buying well. Families are now being practical in buying better quality food and their cooking needs.

Plant-based eating is also here to stay as most people prefer eating more protein from plant-based food during the pandemic. Virtual cooking classes will continue to be a trend in 2021.

Last of the trends that we see is the need for creativity. While home cooking, many consumers try new ingredients and new techniques. They also practice waste-free cooking now that more families and individuals are cooking at home, many more are growing aware of wasting food’s moral and financial implications.

With the said trends this year, food ingredients will provide convenience for home and food makers as well. They have significant contributions to vast and varied food supply to ensure that foods would look and taste the way we want.  

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