Carrageenan is an excellent gelling agent and there has been a long history of this seaweed-derived hydrocolloids in the applications of food jellies. It forms transparent gels that are heat reversible. It is highly elastic and has very pliable resilient gels with chewy texture. It is formed at room temperature and does not require refrigeration. It also allows easy molding in cups and imparts a creamy and smooth mouth feel with syneresis control. Lastly, it gives soft, transparent and elastic gels for quick consumer preparation of cold and instant desserts makes the Jelly.

Marine Resources Development Corporation (sister company of W Hydrocolloids) ventured into seasonal manufacturing of jelly products using our very own quality carrageenan blends. Our Heidi Jelly is shared to the W Group’s Philippine partners and clients during the holidays. They are available in different yummy flavors like grapes, orange, apple, lychee, and strawberry. Further developments and new flavors are looked into annually by our Research and Development team to keep this W tradition exciting!