When the business environment experiences significant changes, businesses commonly adjust and adapt to meet new challenges. Companies explore innovative solutions and actions to overcome the implications brought by the change in the business environment like globalization, shifts in technology, COVID-19 pandemic, and new customer expectations. 

With these challenges in business, W Group instituted new measures with the goal of continuing and expanding the business. In such a critical time, the role of leadership cannot be ignored. The effect of leadership could shift the company’s social, economic, and well-being of the employees. Leaders who can lead and empower people to achieve the vision and mission of our company, and the goal to be the preferred ingredient solution provider in the industry.  

Together with the trusted and proven management of the Wee family, let us meet our recently appointed leaders in their new roles who can inspire our people, and who have the skills and ability to adjust and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

Chief Revenue Officer, Norjielyn Sto. Domingo

Norjielyn is in charge of a company’s revenue streams. Leveraging knowledge of the roles of sales, marketing, and research and development play in driving growth, she aligns all revenue-generating departments and builds strategic partnerships. Together with other members of the executive team, she executes the current corporate strategic plan and assesses data to determine where changes can be made to eliminate financial waste or improve profits.

Chief Operating Officer, Ritchie Dugang

Ritchie optimizes the company’s operating capabilities and employs strategies to maximize customer satisfaction, and fully supports sales and marketing initiatives. He is also responsible for the management of the overall quality and efficiency of operations. The COO ensures that the company delivers an outstanding service that is client-focused and efficient at all times.

Chief of Finance, Cris Dela Cruz

Cris is responsible for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company. His role provides operational and budgetary support as a head accountant and bookkeeper and has an advanced role in the company’s strategy and innovation. The CFO serves as chief financial stewards, operators, and strategists to drive revenue growth and ensure success.