The rising demand for innovative products and the advancements in technology has led to the development of other sources of producing plant-based softgel capsules. This innovation provides seamless manufacturing procedures. For years, softgel capsules have been derived from gelatin as the major raw material. With the introduction of vegan capsules, it is more likely that this will replace gelatin capsules in the years to come, especially in regions with large populations that have religious and dietary restrictions.

The surge in the adoption of nutraceuticals and sports supplements fuels the demand for softgel capsules from manufacturers of nutraceuticals and sports nutrition products. More than 50% of consumers are willing to pay a premium price for a natural product, and nearly half say that they are willing to pay more for organic products according to Global Market Study on Softgel Capsules by Persistence Market.

Here are the advantages of our Ricogel 89 functional blends for Softgel Application:

  1. Set at a fast rate to ribbons of defined thickness and reproducible microstructure
  2. Films with mechanical strength and sufficient elasticity
  3. Can be sealed below the melting point of the film
  4. Stretchable during filling
  5. Dries quickly under ambient conditions
  6. Dissolution of capsules have to fulfill the pharmacopoeial requirement
  7. Derived from plant

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