In the past months, little charitable stalls called community pantries have sprouted all over the Philippines providing rice, fruits, vegetables, and canned goods to communities and nearby areas. Community pantries help more people survive the socio-economic crisis brought by the pandemic.

The community pantry started by Patricia Non at Maginhawa St. in Quezon City was inspired by the idea “Give according to your means, take according to your need.” This movement spread far and wide that many individuals and groups set their pantries across the country.

Community Pantry by Cebu Carrageenan Corp. (CCC)

This expression of community spirit inspired our employees to set up their makeshift pantries to help their own community. Last May 21, 2021, our Cebu Carrageenan Corporation (CCC) plant team created a station in a community in Barangay Cantumog to provide free basic needs for those in need.

Stirred by this initiative, W Group management conducted the same for our WHI Carmona, Cebu Carrageenan Corporation and Philippine Bio-Industries team members on July 9 and 15, respectively, and even reached our Palawan and Mindoro seaweed buying stations.

Building community pantries is a testimony to the ingenuity and compassion of Filipinos despite these hard times.

Community Pantry at WHI Carmona

Community Pantry at Philippine Bio-Industries (PBI)

Community Pantry at WHI Palawan Buying Station

Community Pantry at Cebu Carrageenan Corporation (CCC)

Community Pantry at WHI Zamboanga Buying Station